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Marrs Bar Package Deal

Marrs Bar Package Deal

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Squat Smarter, Not Harder with the Marrs Bar! The revolutionary safety squat bar that minimizes stress and boosts gains.

  • Effortless Squatting, Enhanced Comfort: Ditch the pain and discomfort of traditional squat bars. The Marrs Bar's unique design allows for hands-free squats, reducing stress on your neck, back, and shoulders.
  • Focus on Form, Not Feeling: Built-in harness padding comfortably distributes weight, ensuring a secure and pain-free experience. Now, you can focus on perfecting your form and achieving new lifting goals.
  • Unleash Your Potential: Whether recovering from an injury, building strength, or seeking improved stability, the Marrs Bar empowers you to train harder and smarter.
  • Built to Last: Crafted in the USA with premium materials, the Marrs Bar is a 1.5" solid steel bar with a comfortable memory foam harness pad and a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Key Features & Specs:

  • Reduces stress on the neck, back, and shoulders
  • Hands-free squats, front squats, lunges, and more
  • Built-in harness padding for comfort and stability
  • Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty
  • 1.5" solid steel bar, powder-coated finish
  • Chrome sleeves and high-density memory foam pad
  • 65lbs unloaded, 1200 lbs. weight capacity
  • 89" long, 55" between sleeves

Does the harness come off?

No, the bar and harness are welded together - there are no removable parts. This is why the bar is 24” wide

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