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True Fitness RES700


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True Fitness RES700



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Cruise Your Way to Fitness with a Recumbent Bike

A quality recumbent bike like TRUE’s ES700 is perfect for all fitness levels. This recumbent bike’s latest features include:

  • TRUE’s HRC® Cruise Control that maintains your target heart rate by increasing or decreasing resistance throughout your workout
  • Elastic mesh seats for a workout that is as calorie-burning as it is comfortable
  • Thumb-operated controls on the contact heart rate handlebars to easily adjust resistance during your workout
  • A small footprint for a space-efficient home gym
  • Bluetooth connectivity to any of your digital devices
  • Multiple console types to choose from to match your technology preferences
  • Heart Rate Strap Included

In addition to these special features, all of our exercise bikes are manufactured with the highest quality materials and components. This dedication to quality means you can get a total-body workout on a commercial-grade machine in the comfort of your own home.

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