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Kettlebells from Iron Games



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All Competition Utilized Equipment is brand new equipment that was used only during the competition. All full warranties still apply. 

Cast iron powder coated kettlebells. Durable, hold chalk well, straightforward. These Rogue Fitness kettlebells will be used only during the Iron Games and are ready to go home to your garage or commercial gym.


5 year home use warranty and 3 year commercial use warranty against manufacturer defects.

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80 lb/36 kg-In Store, 88 lb/40 kg-In Store, 97 lb/44 kg-In Store, 106 lb/48 kg-In Store, 124 lb/56 kg-In Store, 80 lb/36 kg, 88 lb/40 kg, 97 lb/44 kg, 106 lb/48 kg, 124 lb/56 kg