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Warranty Registration – Fitness Supply


Please fill in the information below to register your Fitness Supply products. Registration needs to be completed within 30-Days of receiving your product. Rest assured that the information you submit is kept confidential and is only used for Quality Home Fitness, LLC’s internal purposes. We will never share your information with anyone or any other company.

Buy an extended warranty!

Buy an Additional 2-Year All-Inclusive Warranty that will cover your unit for a total of 3-Years 

( Please see Warranty Disclaimer for all info regarding this warranty.) 

Warranty Disclaimer

We provide a Minimum Warranty of 6-Months that covers all parts that effect the performance of the machine and all labor charges. Warranty expires 6-Months from date of purchase, unless product is registered within 30 Days of purchase or an extended warranty is purchased.  All Brand-new products purchased from Fitness Supply come with the manufacture warranty. Some manufactures do require registration of the product to activate their warranty. Fitness Supply’s Warranty may be voided for any product which has been damaged due to negligent or faulty use, alteration, maintenance, storage, or handling by the user, any specific issues regarding a Fitness Supply product with which a customer is not satisfied will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

During a Warranty Replacement, we hold the right to alter or change the product to cover your existing warranty. Fitness Supply holds the right to void any warranty at any time if misuse or neglect was given to our merchandise. This includes but is not limited to taking apart the machine, pinching the wires, or simple neglect of proper maintenance such as cleaning the outside of the machine.

Our Warranties do not cover misuse/abuse or accident/damage such as scratches, broken covers, torn pad, or cosmetic damage to paint/finishes. Some products require regular maintenance, and this warranty does not cover claims resulting from failure to maintain or improper maintenance. Maintenance performed by a customer resulting in damage of the machine will not be covered by our warranty and will void our return policy. Should any Product submitted for warranty service be found ineligible, an estimate of repair cost will be furnished.

As a consumer it is my responsibility to understand the proper exercise techniques and that Fitness Supply is not responsible for any injuries that may be caused during an exercise.

Fitness Supply warranties cannot be transferred to another party. The warranty is only extended to the original purchaser of the product. 

*Proof of purchase is required for any warranty repair.

Return Policy

  • 30-Day Return Policy from the date of purchase
  • State of return must be in the same condition as the product was sold. 
  • Delivery and All Labor Charges are exempt from our 30-Day Return Policy. (Exclusions do apply in rare circumstances)
  • A pickup fee will be flourished if product needs to be picked up from your location.
  • All Shipping and Delivery Charges are non-refundable and our exempt from our return policy. 
  • All Products sold by Fitness Supply Company is given a minimum of a 6-Month warranty to the original purchaser.
  •  All products must be in the same condition as it was purchased. Delivery and Setup Fees are non-refundable and our exempt from our 30-Day Return Policy.
  • For Special Orders a restocking fee of 15% will be applied to any special orders that exceed $6,000. For some circumstances the restocking fee will not apply. This includes but is not limited to non-functioning products and severe damage to the unit from transport. 
  • All Labor charges are non-refundable this includes additional assembly rates, machine removals, and Delivery and Setup charges.

Look out for our confirmation email with info on how to fully utilize your warranty. 

Email will be sent out within 5 Business Days!