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Body Solid

Body-Solid Dual Pivot T-Bar Row Platform

Body-Solid Dual Pivot T-Bar Row Platform

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Fits all Standard and Olympic bars. Simply put one end of the straight bar into the platform cup and load up the other end with a landmine attachment and all the weight you can handle. The T-Bar Row Platform features a bronze Oil-Lite bushing that pivots up and down. The platform locks rock-solid to either steel tubing (usually on rack or home gym), or bolted to the floor. Full 360° horizontal swivel makes it a dream come true in tight workout quarters. Built for a lifetime of heavy-duty back-blasting workouts! Patent Pending. Cannot be used independently. landmine attachment, bar and weight plates optional.

  • Fits both Olympic and Standard straight bars
  • Vertical bronze bushing pivot goes up and down
  • Features a bronze bushing 360° horizontal swivel
  • Bolts securely to floor
  • Attaches to 2" or 3" steel tubing
  • Patent Pending
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