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  • Community Connection

    We consider our customers an extension of our family and value the sense of community that comes with it. By choosing Fitness Supply, you're supporting a business deeply connected to its local and global community.

  • Trusted Brands

    We curate our selection from trusted brands known for their quality and performance. Rest assured that when you purchase from Fitness Supply, you're investing in top-notch equipment that meets the highest standards.

  • Price Match Promise

    We guarantee competitive prices and are committed to matching or beating any comparable offer in the market. You can shop confidently, knowing you're getting the best value for your investment.

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  • Service

    We are dedicated to ensuring the performance of all the equipment we install, and we manage both warranty and non-warranty service for all the brands we offer. Additionally, any item purchased from us is backed by a minimum 2-Year Labor Warranty.

  • Flexible Financing Options

    We understand that fitness is an important investment, and we offer flexible financing options to make it more accessible. Achieve your fitness goals without compromising your budget.

  • Wide Range of Equipment

    Whether you're setting up a home gym or outfitting a commercial fitness facility, we have a diverse range of exercise equipment to meet your specific needs. Our selection ensures you find the perfect solutions for your space and goals.


"I go here so often that I could probably get charged a monthly fee for playing with their equipment. I’ve bought barbells, max trainers, plates, racks… I’m planning on going bankrupt because of this place but I’m gonna be JACKED AS FUARK when I move into my tent by the freeway. I would totally work here if I had extra time."

Scottie Donarudo

“They went above and beyond for us. I wanted to surprise my husband with a home gym for his birthday and this was right before the lock down. They set me up with everything I needed and then some. They helped me load everything and even lended me the tool to put it all together. I highly recommend them for your gym equipment needs.”

Kisandra Taylor

“We purchased weights and a TRUE Performance 300 treadmill from Quality Home Fitness. The staff is knowledgeable and the service has been great. The treadmill needed some minor belt adjustments and they came out and took care of it promptly. Can’t say enough as to how good they have been.” Jim Crain