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Fitness Balance Ball

Fitness Balance Ball

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  • The ball has a diameter of 58 cm
  • The ball has a height of 25 cm when inflated
  • This is not a BOSU Ball, but it has the same function. 
  • Includes a foot pump and resistance bands that can be mounted on the sides. 
  • Max load 150 kg.

NOTE: We recommend pumping the ball approx. 80% full and letting it rest for at least 24 hours before filling it up to full size.
The ball must not be pumped too full, as this can put too much strain on the ball - it need to be a little soft before your weight is placed on it.

Train your balance with a balance ball

A balance ball can be used for many different things but is ideal for balance exercise. The balance ball can be used for both rehabilitation and to strengthen your ankles. The ball is made of sturdy rubber, which is why it is very strong and extremely durable. The underside of the balance ball is made of thick, black plastic, so the ball stands firmly on the ground.

The ball can be turned over and used in connection with arm bends with an element of balance exercise. The underside is not rough, so if you want to use the balance ball as a balance board, it’s best to do so with bare feet. This way, you don’t lose your grip or slip. However, we recommend primarily using the blue pad.

No matter what kind of sport you do, whether it’s strength training or running, it is always a good idea to train your balance. Having good balance will improve your efforts, as balance is often crucial to whether you perform various exercises correctly.

Multifunctional exercise tool

The balance ball is primarily for balance exercises, but the ball also comes with resistance bands. The resistance bands can be used for many different exercises, so when you train with the BOSU Ball, you are far from limited in your options. On the balance ball there are grips on each side where you can attach the resistance bands.

In addition to resistance bands, a pump is included with the balance ball.

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