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Body Solid

Pro ClubLine Double Half Rack Kit

Pro ClubLine Double Half Rack Kit

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The Body-Solid Pro Clubline SPRDBLKIT transforms two Body-Solid SPR500 Half Racks into the SPR500DBL Double Half Rack. The SPRDBLKIT Double Half Rack Kit allows facilities to combine two SPR500 Half Racks and add six SPRWPH Weight Horns to create a multi-user workout rig.

Designed for high schools, colleges and universities, police and fire departments, military facilities, sports performance training facilities, and any commercial gym or training studio, the SPR500DBL offers the versatility of two fully-functional half rack stations in the space of just a single power rack.

Body-Solid’s SPRWPH Weight Horns offer safe and secure storage of Olympic plates. Measuring 15” long, these horns help keep gyms and facilities clean, organized, and safe. The SPRDBLKIT is for customers who already own two Body-Solid SPR500 Half Racks for a complete double half rack, we recommend the SPR500DBL instead.


  • Combine two functional half racks in the space of a single power rack
  • 3” x 3” 11-gauge steel mainframe
  • Includes 6 weight horns for safe and secure Olympic plate storage. 15" Long
  • Body-Solid Full-Commercial & In-Home Lifetime Warranty
  • Dimensions - As Assembled with two SPR500 Half Racks: 101” L x 85” W x 89” H
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